It seems that every year the cost of living seems to rise. However, many employers don’t seem to compensate for this increased cost of living with raises at the workplace. In order to offset this higher cost of living, there are many ways individuals can earn extra money on the side. There are more opportunities now than ever before when it comes to landing side jobs for extra cash. When you do your research, it will be easy to find the top-rated side jobs for extra cash.

Take advantage of your writing skills

While in school, writing skills are essential to our success as a student. Years spent writing essays develops a skill that could result in extra money during your post-student life. There are plenty of writing opportunities available online today. Whether you want to start a blog, write for an online magazine, or help businesses with their copywriting, the opportunities are abundant. If you have expert knowledge in a certain area, you can sell your knowledge to publications that will pay top dollar for your in-depth articles. There are also many pay-per-article based sites online where writers can set their own hours and make as little or as much extra income per month based upon the hours they invest into their side writing business.

Monetize your car

With the advancement of smartphone technology, your car can now be your cash cow. Whether you want to work as a weekend chauffeur or rent out your car to travelers, there’s an app for that. Uber is a great example of a company that will let you earn money right from the driver’s seat of your car. By choosing your own hours, you will be able to drive customers to their chosen location after work or on the weekends. This is a great way to earn some extra cash while you are still maintaining focus at your job. Whether you want to rent your car by the day, month, or year, Turo and Get Around are two great apps that will help you find renters who would be interested in your car.

Run Errands

Apps like Door Dash are making running errands for people in your area easier and more lucrative than ever. By installing these errand running apps on your phone, you will be able to easily link with individuals who are willing to pay you to grab food, drop off mail, or run other errands quickly and effectively. It would also be pretty easy to find some of your friends and family that would be willing to pay you to run errands for them.

Work Catering

Catering companies are always the busiest on weekends. The hours you will work for a catering company will be grueling and will most likely take up most of your weekend. However, you will be able to make a substantial amount of extra money due to the fact that catering companies pay well. Temp agencies are experienced in matching part-time employees up with catering companies and will be able to help you find quality catering jobs.