Modavanti, We’re Obsessed

Modavanti Staple Skirt ($70) Every so often something comes along that just rocks our world and we obsess to the point that our fingertips hurt from clicking. This new eco-shopping site is that something. Amazing designers, conscious pricing, sustainable ethos. Sort by what’s important to you — vegan, fair-trade, upcycled, made in the USA, you […]

Recycled Flips For Feet, Not Fill

Okabashi Classic Flip Flops ($19.99) The humble flip flop can sit for 500+ years in a landfill once it leaves your foot. And because they’re typically made of PVC, which leaches dioxin (among other things), these sandals can’t be recycled and end up sitting in the landfill for the 500+ years they take to decompose. […]